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Types Of Polyurea RV Roofing Materials

After How Much?, the most frequently asked question is “What makes Polyurea different?”

Many products that are used on RVs were originally intended for other purposes, such as truck beds or industrial roofing. It is important to understand the differences between Poyurea, and other coating materials.

Pure Polyurea

There are two types of polyureas: pure and hybrid. Two drums make up a pure polyurea. The two chemicals will form a new product once they are combined. Pure polyureas can also be made depending on their formula. The formula for RV Roofing was designed to be strong, flexible, and bondable enough to be used on rvs as well as other substrates. Pure polyureas can be used in any weather conditions without affecting the final product. Because of their chemical makeup, pure polyureas can form stronger bonds than hybrids to most substrates. Because the two chemicals combine to create a new product ArmorLinerr, is not affected by humidity or residues on substrates. The more expensive pure polyureas have a slower UV decay rate and are also more expensive. They can be left in the sun for up to 20 years before they start to age.

Hybrid polyurea

A hybrid polyurea also comes in A and B drums. Drums contain a formula and a catalyst. The catalyst side activates the chemical side. It is similar to epoxy. The poly side is formed by this chemical reaction. Because it’s a catalyst reaction, hybrids have different physical properties than pure polyureas. Hybrids have lower flexibility and tear strength. The curing of hybrid polyureas can be affected by low temperatures, humidity, and oils. Hybrid polyureas cannot chemically adhere to surfaces that are not smooth or pitted. Within five years, hybrids will begin to show UV signs.

You can find more information about pure and hybrid and comparison at ArmorThane.

Polyureas come in different forms

Polyureas do not have the same type of material as Liquid Rubber Roof and similar polymers. It is similar to comparing ArmorLiner, or any other polyurea, to these polymers. Although they can be used in the same way, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Polymer roof coatings have many uses and formulas and vary greatly from company to company as to what they do, and how they are applied as well as how they will give you many more hours of research.


Fix Your RV Roof For The Last Time With ArmorThane

ArmorThane has changed the RV industry with its spray polyurea technology that creates seamless sprayed RV roofs. Your RV will be watertight without any additional caulking. If you are in the Callahan Florida area, give Final Touch RV a call to find out how ArmorThane can protect your RV. Or if you would like to learn about how you can become a certified ArmorThane applicator yourself, visit or call ArmorThane today!

Best Value

This is the best product available for the best price. ArmorThane’s spray-on roof coating will protect your RV for a lifetime. You don’t need to worry about roof repairs. Get the best quality product for your dollar.

Certified Workmanship

Final Touch RV has been certified by Armorthane to apply state-of-the-art polyurea coatings. Their professionals have received training and can offer a 100% guarantee for all work and product applications.

No Leak Guarantee

ArmorThane is the industry leader in polyurea coatings. Their coatings permanently seal cracks, creating a waterproof coating that will last a lifetime for your RV roof. No need to caulk! Call Final Touch RV Callahan, FL today for a reservation!
Many RV owners search online for solutions to their leaking rubber or fiberglass roofs. Most RV roof materials, such as rubber and sheet plastics need to be renewed every two years for their durability. Leakages in roofs can occur from wear and tear, weather damage, and trees overhanging.
ArmorThane, the industry leader, has the solution you are looking for ongoing roof repairs. The 100% spray-on polyurea protective coating forms a barrier against water seepage and deterioration.

The Process

The RV’s roof must be removed to reveal the plywood roof. Any adhesives are also removed from the wood and sanded. Then, all seams are repaired and any large gaps filled.
After all surfaces have been properly sanded and prepped, they are then masked and primed with special primers. Finally, ArmorThane is sprayed on the entire area. The new coating of polyurea forms a tight, flexible seal around any protrusions, holes, or bolts. It prevents water loss and UV sun deterioration and gives a beautiful, aluminum-like appearance.
Final Touch RV offers an array of custom colors for RV owners who want a more unique appearance.
Call Final Touch RV Callahan, Florida to make an appointment for your last roof or call ArmorThane to learn how you can become an authorized applicator.


Why should I get an ArmorThane Roof?

Professionally controlled application

ArmorThane roofs can be applied indoors using a spray-on method by the certified technicians at Final Touch RV, Callahan, Florida.

Permanently Eliminate Leaks

Final Touch RV professionals apply ArmorThane, a polyurea coating, to your RV roof. You can travel with confidence knowing that there will be no leaks.

Strong, flexible and durable

The thickness of the ArmorThane coating is 1/4″ This durable, waterproof, and full-coverage spray-on roofing material will be your last roof. You are guaranteed!

Quick Turnaround

ArmorThane polyurea cure time is approximately 15 seconds. It fully cures in a matter of hours and not days thanks to its fast processing. In no time, you’ll be back on the road!

Are you ready to stop repairing your RV roof forever?