RV Hail Damage – What To Do, Who To Call

Many areas in the US are prone to hail storms all throughout the year. In Missouri we are prone to some of the most severe hail storms across the nation. That means your beloved RV could be struck by an infamous hail storm at any time while driving along the highway until it is safely in the backyard. If you don’t plan to leave your vehicle in your garage throughout the year, Missouri RV owners are likely to be hit by hail at any time.

Tips To Avoid Hail Damage

Although we recognize that the nature of RV-ing frequently isn’t a good fit for this kind of preventive measure however, we’ve provided three useful suggestions to follow when you are in the middle of a hailstorm or when one is nearing your town or city.

1. Check the Weather Forecast

It’s a simple, but essential idea! One of the most simple actions you can take is to look up the weather forecast for hail storms that are in your current location or the area you are travelling to. If you are concerned about the possibility of hail, perhaps you should delay your travel plans. If you’re close to or in your home, make sure you put your RV in your garage or under your carport.

2. If you’re driving, locate a covered Area immediately

If you’re trapped in a hail storm on the road or in the RV parks, you should try to locate shelter as fast as you can. We recommend that you stop at an open parking garage, gasoline station, beneath a tree that is fully grown. In the event that none are accessible then park your RV close to a structure as you can. This will give you some shade.

3. Make sure you have an RV cover in the event that you are unable to access Shelter

If you reside in an area that is prone to hail, it may be worthwhile to invest in a protective cover to protect your vehicle. Although this won’t stop every hail-related dent or ding from happening, the cover can help minimize the amount of damage. In addition, they can be excellent in protecting your RV from weather conditions like intense rain, harsh sunlight and powerful wind.

What Should You Do When Your RV is struck by hail

The extent and size of the actual hail particles and the extent of damage they cause to your vehicle could vary from small cracks and scratches to massive golf ball-sized scratches. On the outside hail damage to cars may appear like the damage on an RV. The majority of cars can be repaired by a procedure called paintless dent repairs, but hail dent removal is different for RVs. This is due to the fact that RVs comprise a majority from aluminum, fiberglass as well as wood sheathing. This means that the repair of damage caused by hail to your RV is more expensive and time-consuming than fixing a typical vehicle.

In addition to damaging the windows and windshields of your RV and body hailstones, body hailstones may cause damage to the following:

How do I know when I’m in need of Hail Damage Repair?

Other than obvious dents on your RV’s bodywork , or cracked windows, here are couple of other indicators that your RV is in need of repairs following a hail weather event:

  1. Damage is caused to vent and AC unit lids. The impact of hail can damage your air conditioners, or vent lids. If not repaired properly it could result in an increase in moisture in your motorhome, which could result in further damage later on.
  2. There are tiny bubbles or spots in the membrane made of rubber. The small amount of bubbles and tiny pots following a hailstorm could be a sign that the membrane is not firmly attached to the underlayment in specific regions. If it is not repaired sooner rather than later this can expose your RV to further damage.
  3. There may be mild to large spider cracks, or bruises to the gel coat Your RV’s fiberglass may also be affected by spider web cracks and bruises that allow moisture to enter the RV. If water is allowed to penetrate the surface, it could result in roofs sagging and delamination.

A few of these fixes like a vent repair could seem straightforward enough to repair by yourself, but they can turn out to be quite complex. For instance air vents are electrical components. If they’re not sealed correctly it could result in water damage afterward. This is why it’s recommended to leave hail damage to experts.

What is the cost of hail damage to my vehicle?

As we have mentioned in one of our earlier blog posts, the cost to repair sheets of sheet steel on RVs is about $9.50 or $13.50 for each square foot. Due to this cost it’s commonplace for RV owners to leave small hail damage, particularly if the damage is cosmetic. While some RV damages may appear minor, it’s best to repair it right as soon as possible.

Minor cosmetic flaws do not just reduce your RV’s selling value, but they could result in more expensive damages in the future. Did you know that the majority of RVs sold after minor hail damage are offered for between 25 and 40 percent of the initial price in Missouri? In addition should you suffer more damages from hailstorms to come, your insurance provider may not be able to cover the repair, because they may refuse to cover your claim due to previous damage.

Repair Your RV Hail Damage Today

If you’ve experienced hail damage to your RV, please be sure to give Elite Dent Company of Springfield MO a call. Elite Dent are the go to professional paintless dent removal company in the midwest that will have your vehicle looking as new, and get you back in the road in very little time in any way. 

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